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Monday, August 27, 2012

Another Interlude.. Just because it is my birthday!

Okay, so...  I have four kids, and I am married, but honestly, I have never understood the great need in celebrating the day one was either pushed through a vaginal canal, or cut out through the lower abdominal wall.  Maybe it is me, I don't know.  The simple fact of the matter is that I just as well have the day pass without mention at all.  I remember when I was deploying to Iraq.  We started pre-deployment training in August, just a couple weeks before my birthday, but I was happy when the day came and went without any acknowledgement from my comrades in arms.  However, as an individual in leadership positions in the Army, I always wanted to acknowledge others, especially when it came to their birthday.  Not sure what it is, but I never liked the attention.  I mention that in my book (Combat Support "The True Burden Of Sacrifice"), I just never like to be the center of attention, but now, now that I wrote a book and must try and market not just it, but myself.  Well, now is when I should learn to try and strive to get attention.  Frankly, my book will not sell itself.  I know this for a fact, It has been available in ebook format for 6 months, and just over a month in print.  Now, it has done, okay.  But who puts time and effort into any project and just wants it to be okay?  To be mediocre, and accept just being average.

I can't stand it, why do anything, anything in this world, and be content on the situation you are in, how well your business is producing, how good you are at your job, how well you treat other people? It should never be good enough, why?  Because being satisfied, well, being completely satisfied, that breeds contentedness, contentedness leads to what in many cases is one becoming stagnant.  And when this happens, well, it is hard to get rolling again and become credible and non-complacent.  It all comes down to what your goals are in life.  If I am happy being a middle class father living on middle class wages, then there would have been no need for me to advance my education, then no need for me to write a book that opens any reader up to all the failures of my life.  Here is where the largest motivator for leaving mediocre in the past and becoming relevant. 

But, it all comes back full circle, because relevancy for me, that is simply how my success is judged in the eyes of those who love me.  Not on the dollar amount that is deposited in the bank account at the end of each pay period.  Not in the significance of the Bronze Star form Iraq, or other various individual awards throughout my military career. Not in the number of books I sell on the one and only book I currently have published.  That is all simply icing on the cake.  And good thing about today, is that cake, well, I had it, and ate it too!

In Geisinger Medical Center's Neurosurgery Department
Balloons, confetti, and assorted decorations courtesy of my wife, Shannon
Thanks, babe!
Judge your success not on what others deem successful, but on what you know you can accomplish.  Never settle for second, and no matter what, always, always, be relevant to who and what you are.

So, happy birthday to me!  Because, there is no guarantee that I will accomplish this again next year.


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