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Sunday, August 12, 2012

The Idea For A Book - Part 2

It wasn't until finishing physician assistant school that I had any time to consider working on a manuscript.  I started, and honestly, things went pretty smooth.  Progress wasn't as fast as I would have liked, but I kept at it and tried not to take too many days not writing for the fear I would forget about it like other writing projects I still have on the shelf.  I had different motivation for this book however.  I owed this to my wife, my kids, the struggles we went through after I returned from Iraq were still fresh, the scars slowly healing, but I still needed to finish this story for them, to place it all out there, for anyone to see.  For their support, that is the least I could do.

It was March 2010 before I started my new job as a neurosurgical physician assistant.  For anyone who knows neurosurgery, it can be a very challenging field in which to work.  But I was drawn to it, most likely due to that fact, plus my need for what would appear a constant chaos in my life.  It seems I need my plate to be overflowing at times, I found that was how it was, especially early on working in the neurosurgery department.  The basics you learn in school are a far cry from the skills and knowledge you truly learn and develop while on the job.  It is a constant uphill trudge, quitting crosses your mind often, but after time, most of it comes into focus and then you just maintain and follow new methods of treatment as studies and research is released. 

So, there I was a few months into working this new and crazy job, and I was slowly working my way to completing my manuscript.  Again, it seemed slow at times, methodical, but progress was made every time I sat and started typing.  I had been in the job less than a year when I completed the manuscript around January 2011.  Then started a search for a agent, or publisher.  I will touch on that process in the near future.

My original manuscript was over 175,000 words, by the time it was ready for publishing, it had a major overhaul and trimming of fat.  But the content did not change at all.

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