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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Interlude continued.....

These days working as a Neurosurgery physician assistant (PA) really takes a toll physically, mentally, and emotionally.  Long hours and exhausting days in the OR, clinic, on the floor, or a combination of the three.  Have very little energy or resolve to post anything tonight, actually, I have very little resolve to try and think at all, trying to rest all the neurons so I might get them firing at a decent rate for work tomorrow.  Good thing about today is that it is Wednesday, and Friday is approaching with haste.  Unlike my post Monday night, where I was literally hitting all the wrong letters on the keyboard, it seems my fine motor function is somewhat better tonight.  Think I need to start a blog about being a Neurosurgery PA, think I will start it this weekend, yes, I will.

So, since writing this book, I got a twitter account, joined LinkedIn, Updated my profiles everywhere, started to build a web page (not even close to finished), and I am slowly trying increase the awareness of Combat Support "The True Burden Of Sacrifice."  It is a slow process, without being a big name author, or having a huge publishing company behind you, it is difficult to get noticed.  Hell, if my book was completed in crayon, had 10 pages, and my name was Kim Kardashian, I would have sold a million copies by now, but my name is not Kim, nor am I as appealing to look at.   I certainly am happy with my sales, but a million is a long way off, but it is possible.  So, this brings me to one simple question that I am pondering this very instant.  Why do I want this book to be successful?  I'll explain.

This book is simply a complete gut wrenching, mind dumping, detehtering of all the secrets I ever had in life.  It exposes all of my life, good, bad, and the ugly for all to see.  It has also been very therapeutic and soul cleansing for me, not only has it helped me close the door on a deployment to Iraq over 6 years ago, but it also tells a story unlike any available today.  There is no heroic deeds, no 150+ confirmed kills, or stories of being blown up by roadside bombs multiple times.  The portion of the book that pertains to the deployment is a true and unedited look inside the mission assigned to one soldier and his team for 12 months in Iraq.  It exposes the longing for family, the anticipation of a return home, but mostly the desire, determination, pride, loyalty, and selflessness to complete the mission assigned at the highest level with honor.  Then it exposes the uneasiness experienced by the whole family upon my return home, and explores what I determine to be the true burden of sacrifice....  I owed it to my wife and children to tell and share this story.  I am hoping it puts me in a position to give back, mostly to my fellow Veterans, but also to their families in the future.

It is a book worth exploring, it is a story worth sharing.

If anyone knows a good, expediant way to build a web page, please share it with me.

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