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Sunday, February 8, 2015

To ashes, we all will burn

It happened, like a bad scene from a Hollywood script.  The darkest and most evil possible way for any one human to have their life taken from them.  And the legions of demons paraded the somewhat delusioned pilot to his cage and eventual tomb.  It was a spectacle for the ages, a visual production that needed no elaboration, and the complete defined product of Satan in this life.  If at any time, in my forty years on this earth, Satan ever worked his pure evil, it was the day that Jordanian pilot was doused with a flammable liquid and burned in front of terrorists and the camera lens for all the world to see. 

As despicable as this act was, the pilot was an enemy of the cowardly terror network ISIS (Islamic State of Iraq and Syria)/ISIL (Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant), so his execution is a little less of a shock than that of the innocent, for which they have been chopping heads off of on a regular basis.  Any military that faces off against terror groups and is unfortunately in a position to be captured should hope to have the means to fight to the death.  I personally would die throwing fists as to not be captured and made a freak show on this ISIS/ISIL world tour they seem to have created en route to garnering so much media coverage.  All of which plays into their deceitful plan, free airtime, free media coverage, helps enlist the weak and warp the minds of the borderline insane into similar beliefs. 

So what does all this mean?  What do we need to do as freedom loving nations?  How do we go about doing it?  When will we actually flex the international muscle, of which we should be the spearhead of? 

What it means is we put as much intelligence gathering capability on the ground and within the network known as ISIS/ISIL.  Spread a slow and deliberate parasitic seed amongst their ranks, and what is this secret parasitic seed?  The truth, that their beliefs and deeds follow no organized religion or the teachings within the book of any organized religion.  Sure, there is plenty of death in any religious teachings, but we need to remember these books were written centuries ago, the world changes, and our beliefs should be progressive, not regressive as we see within the radical Muslim world.

What do we do as freedom loving nations is band together, we continue to practice the freedoms we have always cherished.  We do not let individuals in this country or other freedom loving countries take away the God given right we have, that is to live free.  We prepare and plan to fight to the last man to protect this way of life, we stand ready to destroy those, or incarcerate those who try and rape this freedom from us, and we prepare the men and women who will fight for this freedom, to see the worst atrocities that man can bestow upon man.  We also prepare them to bestow death upon all that would try and take our freedoms from us, and ultimately die fighting for this very basic way of life we cherish.

We go about doing it by further investing in our military.  We don't need to place the money in reinventing the humvee or building more MRAPs, M1 Abrhams or F18's, we simply invest it on small unit training, platoon level and below.  We integrate out platoon sized elements within the allied units on the ground fighting the terrorists now.  We allow the smaller team sized elements to do what they do best.  Collect intelligence, provide reconnaissance, attack high value targets, and collect those they can take alive.  We continue to own the sky, the night, and push the evil inch by inch back to hell if needed.  We allow those we fight with to understand what we fight for is worth every drop of blood, every drop of sweat, and every tear that is shed.  And we fight relentlessly and ferociously as only Americans truly know how to fight.  But we pay great men in our military to make plans to win wars, let's use the Generals, and those who have the training, experience, and fortitude to get the job done, and remove the politics, and political correctness from the battlefield.

But we only invest what we can afford, we don't do it at the expense of the American taxpayer any longer.  Our government must make true cuts, look hard and long at the money it spends, we all know the government has a long history of fraud, waste and abuse that no one will ever be held accountable for, we need to be more fiscally responsible, and we are not.

We plan on finishing the fight, not just bloodying the nose of our enemies, but truly and fully annihilating them from existence, and their way of life.  Just as they would us, each and every one of us, one freedom loving individual at a time, or bunches and bunches of us if they had the capability.

This is evil like we have never seen, evil that we can not let fester any longer.

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