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Saturday, December 19, 2015

The America The World Is Missing

So much drama playing out on a daily basis in the news media.  From Iraq and Syria and the rise (or fall depending on the day) of the Islamic State (better known as ISIS, ISIL, DAESH - which is actually defined as hate and evil in the purest of forms) to the republican quasi-reality show to formally nail down a contender with conservative principals to face off against Hillary in 2016.  It's all overwhelming at times.  Not the speed or mass of insult that is thrown at us incessantly over minutes, hours, days, and weeks.  But the pure ignorance for which our freedom loving society inhales the information as if it is the air we breathe to sustain life.  Our media sources, are no longer reporting news.  They are supporting sides, agendas, political ideologies, and pushing those ideas to the viewers who can't form a thought for themselves to create an opinion on any topic which faces us as a nation in this volatile 21st century.  I for one, am not a believer that the "end of times" is knocking on our doorstep, but the way humanity has literally turned on itself has me second guessing myself.

This isn't about religion, nor is it about the color of your skin, the culture for which you were raised, or the nation for which you were born or raised.  It boils down to one simple factor that we all share, regardless of how anyone feels about it.  We are all human.  Doesn't matter your skin color or your opinion on those of color (Jesus, we are all some sort of color, dump out a damn box of crayons at some point, all different shades of red, white, brown, and black).  Or, what "society" and those within our society who are pushing agendas based off of color, religion, or sexual preference say or do.  Nor does it matter these individual movements they inspire to push and create a divide in a country that so many have labored endlessly towards, so the pillars of a free nation can sustain the weight of the masses that are trying to crumble them with self centered agendas and propaganda.  Unless we let them mean something.

There has been a lot of talk over Donald Trump (this is not an endorsement for Donald Trump) who is polling favorably...

He lacks political correctness, he is 90% entertainer, 9.8% business man, and 0.2% politician.  He says whatever the hell is on his mind, whenever he feels like it (and a large portion of it makes little sense in the big picture because it lacks substance).  He has made personal attacks on individuals, some feel unfairly.  Uh, it's a campaign to represent the republican party for president, when the hell did political campaigns place rules on insulting competition? Or seek some verbal retaliation in this battle for votes?  They say he is a bigot, hates Muslims, and Mexicans, and anyone who is not white, wealthy, or supporting him.  I swear to God, what the hell is wrong with people?  He is just a guy laying his thoughts out (most of the time in a non-eloquent fashion) and doing it without any concern for what is "politically" correct.  Since when has that become wrong?  Because someone is offended?  Ok, you are offended, don't vote for him, do what you can to make sure he is not the republican nominee for president, otherwise, who gives a rat's ass?  I'm just glad someone is saying something other than how we need to be more sensitive to anyone who has a heartbeat and might get upset because we weren't creating special legislature to cater to their individual needs.

It's such a joke any more, so he isn't politically correct, you should be more concerned with pushing him to actually define the actions in detail he is going to use to manage the multiple fronts of crises the world faces today.  Until he does, all he has is a lead in the polls, and those people need to turn out to vote to give him a victory.

I'm saddened by the America I see today, the pure stupidity, the incompetence of some of our leaders and the games that are played to manipulate a government that is supposed to be of the people, for the people.  Not just one class of people, or color of people, or religious affiliation of people, but all the people.  There are those trying to divide this nation, the media plays into it, the political parties play into it, and those that control both these entities with money, and the power money wields, pull the strings that make this American puppet dance around the needs and wants of the majority of this nation.  Regardless of color, religion, sexual preference, or socioeconomic status, we all want what the constitution was written to uphold.  And every day, there are those trying to bend these simple rights, and create chaos, in a world that can be so simple.

What we need now is strength, what we need to maintain is our liberty, and what the world needs to see is that the last thing we will ever do, is lay down and wallow in the ignorance that is trying to consume us.  We must always, and forever, remain, SECOND TO NONE!

A leader needs to do more than talk.  Look at each politicians record, that is what should define them, not just the promises they make on the campaign trail.  We all know once they reach the oval office, most of what they have said is forgotten. Don't listen to the nonsense the media outlets throw at you on a daily basis, many of the talking heads on the major networks are pushing their own agendas (right or left, it is wrong), not those that are best for the nation.

The 2016 presidential race will come down to Hillary Clinton, or one of the dozen plus individuals trying to secure the republican nomination, don't be a damn lemming.  Make up your own mind, define your own values, decide based off your personal emotions and feelings on the status of this nation and what is best to bring America back to the status we had in the mid to late 20th century.

As far as ISIS, ISIL, DAESH, or as I like to refer to them, thugs, murderers, and religious zealots.  We can't let them win, and we must eradicate the disease by any means necessary, any means...

No one individual running for president, or any office nomination can fix the problems we have in the United States in present day 2015.  The only way change will come, is not through one man or woman's decision who sits in the oval office.  It will come through the voices of the American people who represent the majority, and want to preserve the basic liberties that were founded, fought, and won over many generations of great Americans.  Americans of all ethnicity, color and creed.

Stand up America, if you want to point fingers, look in the damn mirror.  When will the resolve of this sleeping giant manifest inside you?

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