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Monday, August 13, 2012

The Idea For A Book - Part 3

I remember clearly where I was when I got an email from an interested party for my book.  It was April 2011, I was attending my basic officer leadership course (BOLC) at Fort Sam Houston, Texas.  Yes, San Antonio is beautiful, a wonderful city, like, but bigger than, Salt Lake City it is easy to get around in.  Unlike Philly, Pittsburgh, NYC, Baltimore, I could go on and on.  Those 4 weeks were absolutely miserable, but I will cover that in another post, this post is focused on the book.  I had just finished the first week in the field at BOLC, and needless to say, I was not a happy camper, after 14 years in the military up to that point I felt humiliated that I even had to subject myself to the ignorance that surrounded me there, I wore the rank of 2LT, and everyone surely treated me/us that way.  Like a newbie trainee. 

On the bus ride from Camp Bullis back to Fort Sam Houston I got a text from my wife.  I asked her to follow my email while I would be in the field every weekday while at BOLC.  I had sent by entire manuscript to the only individual who showed interest, it happened to be from a small publishing company from Chandler, Arizona.  Brighton Publishing offers authors several options when pursuing their dreams of a published work.  Both in traditional and subsidy publishing.  Many individuals are paranoid of the word "subsidy," but I disagree.  If there is a way to get published by other than traditional means and the author has the excess financial means to help in the investment, than it is in the author's best interest.  It isn't much different than a down payment on a house, car, or better yet, buying a large amount of shares from a strong company on the stock market.  It is simply an investment in the future.  I will not discuss the details of my contract, I am legally bound not to, but either type of publishing, in the long run can pay off for both the author and publisher.

Back to the text from my wife, she stated that Brighton was interested in pursuing my book, but, I had to trim approximately 75,000 words from the 175,000 I had written.  That was a difficult task, but I jumped in with Brighton.  The road to a published work is long and drawn out. I was hoping it would be quite a bit faster, but much work needed to be done.  And much would be done in the coming months.

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