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Monday, August 20, 2012


Need a break from discussing books and becoming a soldier.   I know, I know, I am barely into it, but bear with me and I will get back to it in the next day or so.  What I want to discuss for a few minutes, or seconds (reading this most likely will be much quicker than writing it) is the state of the nation as we head into a very important election.  As an officer in the US Army, I certainly will not express my personal choice or discuss how I feel one candidate  better than the other.  I have been around long enough to know that we are simply choosing the lesser of two evils, not that either candidate is truly evil.  That is just a play on words, like the right and left play on the citizens of this country.  Too many people are without true thoughts of their own, so they tend to migrate, right or left, and once they get there, they tend to stay and like a lemming will follow the fringe of the political parties off a cliff if led in that direction.

Yes, I am saying we are lemmings, too enthralled by what we see on the TV (there is a reason my grandfather called it the "boob" tube) to think that those spreading the word of the far left or far right could be wrong.  So we continue along, walking along, oblivious to all that is going on outside of our little far left or far right worlds, unable to think for ourselves.  Meanwhile, men, and women serving this nation, go to foreign nations placing their lives on the line for the souls of other countries, other civilizations, others that do not necessarily believe in the freedoms that we as citizens have grown to cherish and love, and expect.  So, the political talking heads continue their unending bobble heading to the special interest groups, and big donors, and so the little guys stuck under their thumbs, doing their bidding on foreign soil, sometimes pay the price.

Too many times politics has left those doing the bidding of politicians, hanging out to dry.  Unable to complete their missions effectively because we have to bring political correctness into the combat zone so we don't offend someone or hurt their feelings.  Well, in war, feelings get hurt, and people die.  Sometimes those people are innocent, but remember on our soil, nearly eleven years ago, innocent blood was shed thousands of times over.  The war in Afghanistan started with the world trade centers, it should end when we have completed the job, and we can safely say our nation is safer due to the lives, time, money, and hard work we dedicated to the mission there.

On to Syria..  God knows the UN and NATO will not have the balls to do anything.

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