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Tuesday, September 4, 2012

The Idea For a Book - Part 6

Miss me?  I am back!

Patience, if you lack this, well, you will never publish a book.  First thing to know when publishing a book is it takes more than a great idea and five hundred pages of material.  The process of completing a novel, in itself, is a painstaking journey.  You have to fight writing fatigue, most likely a busy schedule, unless you are currently unemployed, and various other aspects of everyday living that comes with the stresses of life.  So having some dedication to completing the journey is the first and most likely the biggest roadblock when writing a book.  Second, is what all good books must have to be successful, an audience.  No book could ever be successful if not written with a certain audience in mind that will be hooked by the plot of the book and spent their time and money on the story.  Third would be broad shoulders (not literally, but figuratively) because you will get rejected frequently, but it only takes one publisher or literary agent to say yes and then your dream of publishing can be lived in the here and now. 

Now, my ideas composed int he first paragraph above are, just that, my ideas.  My book, albeit, in it's infancy currently, will, for all intensive purposes be successful.  There are several books on the recent wars, and good books at that, but my story is simply not a book about war, it is not a war story, it is a story about life and it just happens to cover my service both overseas and stateside in the Army and Army National Guard.  However, the main focus and goal of the book was not to tell another story of service in a foreign country.  It was to recognize what these deployments can do to service members, and the families of service members.  It is about service, sacrifice, struggle, and eventually the road to redemption and recovery.  It is story that is certainly worth writing, and in the long run, worth reading. 

The biggest tip I can give to anyone writing would be to proofread, then proofread some more, then proofread some more, and then do a little more, and maybe a little more.  It is amazing how many little typos and grammatical errors can be missed when just sitting and typing aggressively (may be some in my blog).  When I went back to edit my book and remove about 75,000 words, I was amazed at all the mistakes in the text that I was oblivious to.  I edited the book numerous times on a rotating basis with my publisher, but the concept and meaning of the text remained the same, the story never changed.  It is a journey of unimaginable proportions, there is no limitations when it comes to literature, you can create worlds and characters, or ideas that could never possibly exist, or that may exist someday, but we have not evolved enough in technology or science to arrive at the idea yet.  There is no restrictions.  Writing and mastering language is a journey worth taking.  Are you ready for your journey?  Have at it....


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