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Sunday, September 16, 2012

Innocence Of Muslims - Green on Blue - Intolerance

Below is a Facebook post I wrote earlier today.  I wrote it after viewing new reports on this ridiculousness happening in many Muslim nations (at the price of American lives) and the latest of many reports detailing green on blue casualties in Afghanistan.  Green on blue essentially means that forces allied (in this case Afghan security, military, or police) to us (US forces) have attacked each other in some manner.  Now, this type of stuff happens on the battlefield sometimes, we have blue on blue where US forces have accidentally attacked each other.  On the battlefield, it is chaos, and shit happens from time to time, sucks, but that is the reality of war.  So, green on blue is not unexpected, but there is a significant difference in how these attacks are happening, they are happening in locations where we have our guard down and are supposed to be safe.  Within the wire of our military bases/FOBs we should be able to feel secure.  Sure, the random rocket or mortar is expected, anyone who has been deployed to Iraq or Afghanistan can tell you that.  But killed in cold blood within the confines of our own bases, this is absolutely and utterly unacceptable.  So, we need to make a decision, we need to be either "ALL IN" or "ALL OUT," and we should make this decision quickly.

This latest report of green on blue has me utterly without words, let's not waste anymore American lives unless we are certain we are going to place all the resources into the barrel to carry out a mission that results in victory.  Hunt down the ones who are responsible for all this INTOLERANCE and bring them to justice, a justice worthy of those who spill American blood.  If they want a fight, let us give them a fight, otherwise, cut ties and get the hell out and let these countries implode.  In other words "F--k them!"

I want to help anyone who cannot help themselves, I mention this in my book.  One of the most rewarding parts of my deployment was helping local nationals who could not get the medical attention they need.  It was the highlight of my deployment, I chronicled it well in my journal throughout the year.  I would go anywhere in this world to help any citizen in any country, but we need to know that the work we are doing, the money we are spending, and the lives we are losing, is not in vein.

Below is my post from Facebook:

"Word of the day: Intolerance
Recently there has been an increase in violence in many Islamic nations. Now, there are claims this violence stems from a cheap, poorly made, and worthless film called "Innocence of Muslims." It is not clear if this film truly is the cause of the violence, or if maybe the film is simply the scapegoat for Islamic extremists to increase the chaos already plaguing many of their nations. However, in my opinion, it is time for us as a country to either be "ALL IN" or completely withdrawal from these nations. This would include any and all financial, humanitarian, or other activities that we endure for the benefit of these nations. There is a significant rise in "green on blue" casualties in Afghanistan, and we continue to pound our head against the wall trying to help these nations only to have them commit acts of violence and kill our fellow citizens.

So, for you ignorant idiots pursuing violence in the name of religion, radical ideals will never achieve you your goals. However, I pray that it brings a hasty and swift demise to your existence, along with the understanding that being a God fearing individual, who claims to be religious or have faith, simply means you fully comprehend how to be tolerant of others.

Isn't history the best teacher, remember the crusades, how about the holocaust? Stop letting your fears (whether that be of western society, religious difference, ethnicity, sexual orientation, or life in general) create intolerance!

C'mon man!!!!!!"

Even if there is a song, movie, or book that may be inflammatory in some way against your beliefs, religious or otherwise, nobody, and I mean nobody, has the right to commit acts of violence for such ridiculous propaganda.  Can we wake up and realize this is the 21st century (with many wars, acts of genocide, and downfalls of dictators behind us), maybe if we do, then we can move on to a more peaceful future.

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