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Sunday, September 9, 2012

The Idea For a Book - part 7

There are no restrictions when writing, in general, we try to adhere to the basic guidelines of our specific language, but in the end, well, sometimes grammar doesn't rule the text.  There cannot be a total lack of respect for proper grammar, but we also can not let our creativity be crippled or shackled bu proper grammar.  Language today, especially English, has undergone a very liberal transformation, one that has allowed slang and wacky acronyms (due to texting) into the mainstream of the English language.  I cannot tell you how many times I have heard someone say "LOL," or "LMAO," or "GTFO," or various other forms of written communication typically restricted to the the wide world of electronic communication that has literally taken over our lives.

Just the other day, I forgot my phone when I went to work.  At first I was like "OMG!" "WTF am I gonna do???"  Then I realized that I have spent the majority of my life without having the ability to instantly connect to someone else not within vocal range.  It is almost ridiculous how we have become addicted to technology, I can guarantee that the youth of today have significant deficits in interpersonal communication due to their lack of actually calling someone, or talking to them face to face.  However, they can figure shit out quickly when it comes to operating a new iphone or computer, but who can't?  It sure isn't brain surgery, and it definitely isn't like learning the science behind building rockets.  I get frustrated at the ignorance of youth in today's society, but I am a parent, and I can't say my kids are any different than any other kid out there today.  I still love them, and will always, regardless of how stupid they are at times, it is the process of learning in life.  I wasn't a whole lot different, but I respected my elders and that wasn't something that I was told to do, that was a given, elders deserved respect just because the experience they had, some kids now a days feel they are entitled and that elders should respect them, for youth, your respect needs to be earned.

Got way off track there.  Writing, it can be fun, just because there is so much flexibility in language and what you can create by simply putting words on paper or typed into the hard rive of your computer as a word document.  Creation has no limitations, (I am going to admit something that may be a bit embarrassing) as a kid I was interested in the world of Dungeons and Dragons (go ahead and laugh, I don;t mind) and one of the reasons was because we could create characters and and take them on adventures.  Granted, the adventures were pretty much scripted, someone had written them, it was a matter of having someone navigate us through the imaginary world.  That enterprise of gaming led to some novels that I sent years reading, both the Dragonlance and Forgotten Realm series of novels were extremely interesting.  I read essentially everything written with those labels prior to 1993.  I understand there has been many more since then, but my priorities changed at some point and I moved on to the military and my taste for literature expanded and I moved onto other types of novels when choosing reading material.  They are still well written and interesting stories, I might have to look at getting back into reading them.  Or, just write my own.

What I have noticed, over the years, it is easy to write if you do it often.  Write often, and read often.  Keep the neurons working on taking what you see visually on paper and transforming it into what you see visually in your mind.  That constant process keeps the creativity flowing within the cerebral cortex, keeps the mind functioning at a high level.  When you think you have writer block, just sit down and type, or write, and don't force what you want to write onto paper, just let the thoughts flow freely on whatever it is that comes to mind.  Eventually, you will get back on track and get to writing what is important to you. 

More on my book and what my thought process was in the way I put the content of the story together.

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