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Sunday, May 26, 2013

If Only Everyone Understood Freedom

We are literally wading through a very important and defining time in the history of our country.  After long hard fought conflicts, one in Iraq that has ended, and one in Afghanistan that is winding down, after recession and unemployment, after watching mother nature tear paths of destruction through various Midwest communities, and along the Jersey shore, we realize how tiny, how miniscule our individual lives truly are.  We, especially those of us fortunate enough to educate ourselves, institutionally, acquire degrees, which allow us to find employment, to feed our families, and ourselves, so we look upon this world and wonder, wonder why extremism is so easy to succumb to, why it is such an easy choice.  But, in reality, the answer to why it is such an easy choice is simple, it isn't about a religion, that truly, that alone, doesn't place one on the path to fundamentalism. 

Religions, all religions, might have violence within the written history that provides the foundation of faith, but religion, no religion, preaches violence as a way to worship God.  Not today, not in 2013, not in a progressive world in which we live.  That is why it is hard for us to understand, it makes no sense, religion + violence, seriously, that is pure ignorance, pure insanity, pure stupidity, and simply the underlying malignancy that eats away at the fabric of our society, slowing the growth we need to charge ahead into a future waiting for endless accomplishments in the fields of science, medicine, technology, philosophy, and humanity.  Infinite solutions to all our living problems lie waiting, waiting for the ingenuity, the ingenuity often wasted by those becoming trapped by false preaching and promises that only the ignorance of naivety will accept as truth.   But yet, we watch the lemmings, trampling down the same path, that leads to nowhere.  I love the lemmings, but I hate violence on the innocent, war brought upon the innocent.  That I cannot accept, that in itself is enough for me to fight.  I understand commitment, I understand "what" is worth fighting for, my God, the only God, for whom I believe, my God doesn't want me to kill, would never ask me to kill, would never expect me to kill, or call out his name while doing so.  Calling upon God is not meant for those taking life, but for those who are leaving life, my God chooses who lives or dies, no human reserves the right to determine life versus death. 

However, in this world, we are placed in situations, we are not only servants to our God ,but servants to our morals, values, those that define the free world we live in.  Those values, the fundamental understanding of freedom in this world alone is worth dying for, the power that freedom places in the individual's hands, those who own it, and explore it, and cherish it, that power is limitless, it is endless.  But yet, there are those, who with little knowledge or understanding of true freedom, let their individual weakness act as a magnet for hate as they drift towards groups that simply want to erase the freedoms we live with.  They don't want women to have equal rights or say, they feel that they can rule with an iron fist and snuff out anyone who opposes their "rule of law."  Not much law if you ask this guy, seems to be sort of like the wild west, which if they would progress as a society, if they would evolve, I guess then in the long run, they would be more like us in the end. 

What this boils down to is simply this...  

Maybe we shouldn't care, let's pack our shit up, pull all our people and interests out of the regions where we try to actively make a difference and better the lives of those less fortunate than us here in the U.S.  Let's start investing all those resources and funds into our infrastructure, into our children, into the less fortunate in the U.S. who by no choice of their own are born in the inner city or rural areas where, due to economics or domestic circumstances, will not have the same opportunity as their fellow citizens as they grow with the population that will eventually care and manage this nation.  Let's make housing more affordable, and secondary education available to all who wish to seek it, there are many who don't exactly for the reasons I stated above who with the right tools and training will make great contributions to society, but otherwise they may fall into the great wastebasket that tends to snatch up those who just can't seem to get a leg up, regardless of what they try personally.  Let's stop caring about the Middle East, Southwest Asia, we can take all our troops out of South Korea, Germany, Italy, the Sinai, and all other locations around the world.  Bring them home, train them, and await the next conflict that affects our interests and no one else's.  We can invest more on monitoring those in the U.S. who are plotting against our interests, maybe we can avoid the next Boston Marathon type attack.  We can focus on ourselves, focus on the greatest nation that has existed in the known history of this planet, maybe then, maybe then, the radicals of the world will leave us alone.

Yeah, not ever gonna happen, they will never leave us alone, and we will never stop hunting them.  You see, freedom will win, and if you ignorant lemmings who fall into the fundamentalist trap ever have a fleeting, conscious, meaningful, thought of your own, then maybe your mind will be opened up to the world through freedom's eyes.  Best of luck to you, until then, may death find a cold, dirty, deep, grave for your body, and a nice, hot, painful, place for your soul. 

The "I AM" military movement, if I can get it started.  Not sure anyone is listening, but if you are, then don't just follow, lead, and make every day relevant.  Expedite!

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