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Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Battleground USA (a short statement)

Pansies, not an ounce of courage, not a hint of bravery, a classless scourge of the earth willing to inflict hate, pain, suffering, and terror on the innocent.  No identifying garb is worn. But a uniform of cowardice enshrouds blackened hearts and souls, leaving them cowering in the shadows, hiding behind false teachings and uneducated doctrine of generations long passed. This is an enemy, a cowardly, selfish, unjust, pride-less, spineless, emotionless enemy, afraid to stand toe to toe against a uniformed fighting machine.  Because they know what awaits them, a defeat so deafening that even the demons waiting for them in hell will bring more of a welcoming sight and sound. Battles are fought during wars; war is constructed and executed on a battlefield. This can encompass a great deal of locations, but one fact is that your target is strategically and essentially related to the overall goal of conquering the enemy militarily.  However, this is not how the enemy conducts itself. Our enemy now cowers under a Godless society, one corrupt and ignorant to life, and the God given right to live in a society without fear of retribution for wars that governments and militaries wage, that have nothing to do with the innocent, those who want nothing but to walk down a public sidewalk and be at peace.  We, as a warring nation, as a fighting machine, seek not to defeat a nation's people, regardless of religion, race, creed, or their leaders tyrannical visions and grandiose desires, but to erase, eradicate, exterminate, and completely terminate the infectious ideals, extreme radical beliefs, and rabid fervor that plagues the mind of the brainwashed enemies of our nation, both foreign, and yes, also domestic. 
 A nation mourns, again, for the innocent.   May our response be swift, just, and if needed, deadly…..


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