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Sunday, January 27, 2013

The biology of governing

Over the weeks spanning the holiday season I witnessed some of the most magical moments of questionable leadership I believe our nation has ever witnessed.  Now, after thirty-eight years of life, serving my nation as a member of the armed forces for sixteen of those years, I see we have come to a crossroads as a nation.  We have watched, yes, silently for the most part, as our governing politicians pushed an already ballooned deficit to astronomic heights, with no end in sight.  In order to save the American people from the hardships of falling over the mystical "fiscal cliff," they pass a half-assed bill that raises taxes, increases spending, and has limited spending cuts.  In the one area of government we can make great strides to help balance the budget we make the most minimal of effort.  First of all, we could have saved over 100 million dollars by avoiding the costs of an inauguration that was certainly deserving, but certainly is not worth the money considering these challenging economic times.  At the lowest level of government we can halt all the useless spending that we all have witnessed, it can simply start with management at the lowest level of government being diligent about the money they spend.  Having functioned at the lowest level of government as a civilian and service member I know first hand that there are ways we can cut spending and save.  If that is done at each respective location at the lowest level, well, it would all add up.  Now, it isn't a "save all" solution, but it is a start.  Let's cut out the temporary duty assignments we send civilian and service members on, let's only send those that are "mission essential."  Let's conserve supplies and do with what materials and supplies we currently have until we find our way closer to a balanced budget.  Hell, I didn't as the government to buy a medical exam table for the aid station in our armory, I went on ebay myself, found one, bought it and drove the 150+ mile round trip to pick it up and deliver it to our armory.  I also purchased a desk, provided one of my old printers, and will provide more of my own money and resources to make the space we occupy and work in more efficient and self sustaining.  I have also had enlisted members of the medical platoon spend money for various items within the aid station, so it is more than a one man show to make it operate, but the bottom line is, I am not asking for anything extra from my government, don't need it, and don't want it at this time. 

Now these last few weeks have also kept me very busy, no time to blog, barely any time to think.  Besides trudging through the holiday season with my family, I have been extremely busy at my civilian job, holidays are like that, everyone wanting time off.  My father has been struggling with the fact he is losing his vision (and there is nothing he can do to recover what he lost) and I have been trying to support him and my mother as best I could during these times.  So, I have put very little effort into promoting my book, or completing my masters degree which I am now 8 credit hours short of completing.  But, I want to get back on the horse, write a little more and spread the word of my book out to a larger audience within the United States.  A month or so ago, I thought it would be a good idea to place a Facebook add and open it up to various foreign countries to include the Middle East.  I am glad I did, but it is strange to see that I got more likes from Iraq, India, Pakistan and other various parts of the Middle East and Asia than I did in the United States during the time the add ran.  Kind of disturbing to think that those in the Middle East would see a book with an American flag as the cover, the books title "Combat Support; The True Burden Of Sacrifice," and the short caption stating "One soldier's true story, before, during, and after Operation Iraqi Freedom," and like it more frequently than those in the United States.  I think this story has great potential, but I have other stories that will have great potential I want to work on in the near future, to include a screenplay which I want to keep mum about because I am very excited about the potential it holds, but this one is out and it is time people start to talk about it.

So, I should try and define my post title; "The biology of governing."  Considering we are all biological creatures, at times I find it easy to draw direct correlation between our internal workings, and the workings of our race externally.  As with our own physiology, there are consequences to the disruption of the normalcy, or "equilibrium" our bodies have come to know and expect to continue with automatic heartbeat and respirations.  Just like the cell cycle (talking cell biology here), if that cell avoids cell death (programmed cell death -apoptosis), then we have a cell that grows out of control and sucks up energy and nutrients and eventually life.  This is how we get cancer, when a cell fails to terminate as it is programmed to do, something has mutated the DNA to allow it to keep reproducing, this can be bad, as with cancer.  It seems our government has failed to see that it has exceeded it's ability to function without growing out of control.  Now, we don't want the death of our government, we just want it to churn along, like our ever beating hearts, with a continuous steady flow, without death, but also without consuming all the liberties and luxuries we have worked so hard for in this life.  Do we need government to legislate?  Yes, that is what it is there for.  Is our government doing a good job at legislating?  No, we currently have political figures who are controlled by special interests and lobbyists, politicians who are not concerned about the everyday citizen who follows the law and goes to the booth to vote come election time.  Instead, the ONES who control politicians are those who put money in the politicians' pockets, they are the ones driving our government and denying the rest of us what we truly want.  A fair, honest, transparent government.

Not like government hasn't been like this for years, it is no different now than it was twenty years ago.  The difference now is we need to step up and make some changes.  Not with guns or knives, but with the next election cycle.  No government official serving in office now should retain their seat come 2014.  We, as Americans, need to send a message.  A message telling all political figures across the country that we will be heard, you will listen, this is a government of the people, by the people, for the people.  We are taking our country back, and you will be looking for new jobs come 2014.  When government goes wrong, where do you go?

This message was not meant to hurt or betray any governing official, just point out what is the simple truth.  You need to step up, man (or woman) up, and do your damn job!  Stop the partisan bickering and bullshit and just do the damn job you were put in office to complete!  If you can't handle it, start making plans for a new career path in 2014.

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